With Dolphin Therapy, progress is inevitable

The intensive Dolphin Therapy program of Soulscience School, Antalya, is a form of complimentary medicine. It has impressive psychotherapeutic results. Dr.Murat Kemaloglu, MD

Results Reported by Families and Teachers

  •  Accelerated learning process
  •  Increased attention span
  •  Enhanced concentration, compassion, and interest in the outside world
  •  Improved social, linguistic and motor skills
  •  Stronger immune system
  •  Increased courage, self-confidence, and inner peace
  •  Decreased depression and fobias
  •  The effects of the therapy last approximately one year

Dolphin Therapy

  • Dolphin Therapy is a form of complimentary medicine with impressive psychotherapeutic results. The dolphin’s bio-energy, vital energy which the dolphin uses to communicate with the patient, improves mood, awareness, concentration, motivation and more. Dolphins are gentle creatures who enjoy working with and helping people. On top of the bio energy, patients enjoy interacting with the dolphins. This encourages them to make strides in development.
  • Families and teachers report that the increased rate for learning lasts up to one year. The children learn much more in the private schooling and therapies than they had previously. The children develop new relationships with the dolphins where they feel acknowledged and admired. It is a relationship free from prejudice which makes the children happy and gives them inner peace.
  • Studies show that swimming with dolphins decreases depression by encouraging endorphin activity in the brain (a major chemical for happiness). Also, positive developments occur when Alpha waves encourage the anti corps and immoglobulines to work. Another study showed that the ultrasound waves emitted by the dolphins even have the power to heal wounds.
  • Dr. Murat Kemaloglu trained in Jungian Analysis for 5 years. Carl Gustav Jung, an eminent 20th century psychiatrist emphasized that the world we live in is made up of stories that we tell ourselves. He called these stories myths and the characters that we confront in our day to day lives are archetypes. We may, for example, have a boss who is similar to the witch in Hansel and Gretel. This projection affects our interaction with our boss. C.G. Jung said that the archetype of the dolphin is extremely powerful. By facing the luminosity of this archetype directly, we are able to experience healing.

Our Program

  • Soul Science School, Antalya presents patients and families with highly individualized programs based on their needs and desires.
    • A normal session lasts 10 days. Every day (except Monday) the patient swims with the dolphins for 30 minutes. Afterwards they attend the dolphin show. When the patient sees the dolphins painting, singing, playing with a ball rolling around, doing somersaults and racing through the water, they feel that they can share in much more activities with the dolphins. They are glad to be able to interact with these wonderful creatures, and their interest increases.
    • Beyond this, Dr. Kemaloglu suggests and encourages other activities and therapies ranging from horseback riding to individual therapy sessions to touring the Old Town.